KGHM is looking for potassium salt in Puck Bay

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KGHM has commenced an exploration project aiming at specifying the resources and the possible efficiency of exploration of potassium salt deposits in the vicinity of Puck, Władysławów and Krokowa at the Polish seaside. The new venture might bring a breakthrough in the acquisition of resources for fertilizer production.

Estimating the potential of the deposits

Geophysical tests are not going to take the form of excavation, drilling or using explosives, and KGHM has assured that the research will not have any impact on the natural environment. In accordance with the initial declarations, KGHM and Grupa Azoty intend to explore the area and estimate the possibility of excavating the potassium and magnesium deposits.

Thanks to close cooperation of the companies, KGHM is going to gain an opportunity to diversify the sourcing of own resources. Grupa Azoty is hoping to gain access to stable, secure and inexpensive supply of a resource useful in chemical and fertilizer sectors.

Potassium salt from Puck Bay

Potassium salt is used in the production of mineral fertilizers. Should the investment in Pomerania prove successful, we could produce the first mineral fertilizers manufactured solely from resources originating in Poland. We therefore remain hopeful that following the acquisition of samples of potassium-magnesium salt, it will be possible to launch technological research in order to produce new kinds of resources, including fertilizers with long-term activity, helping to seal surface water by slowing down its distribution and absorption into the soil.

Opportunity for the region

According to openly available data, the deposits of potassium-magnesium salt and rock salt are situated 740-900 meters under the seabed. If the results of the preliminary analysis and geological work prove satisfactory, we may expect in the log run that a mine could be erected on the spot, improving the situation on the local labor market and increasing the revenue of regional administration.