Kenya courts Europe

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Europe is a major market for Kenyan farmers. This encourages them to observe high standards of agricultural production, which paves the way to competing with producers from other countries.

The importance of agriculture

Kenya is known for the production of coffee, tea and fruit, as well as sweet potatoes. Those are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the development of the immune system. What really distinguishes Kenyan farming, though, is the fact that the sector employs c. 75% of the national workforce and produces 25% of the GDP.


In order to assist Kenyan farmers in reaching European and other markets, KEPHIS, or Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services, was established. The body oversees the issues concerning plant protection, their exportation and importation. With new programs and training sessions organized continually, the initiative is reaching an increasing number of farmers. KEPHIS popularizes knowledge about the required standard of crops meant for exportation, especially in the context of demanding formal and legal requirements in the EU. Thanks to research and analysis conducted, KEPHIS may control not only the quality of products introduced on the market, but also the storage technology and the trading process. In this way, this institution prevents a situation in which products of unsuitable quality would be exported, compromising the reputation and functioning of Kenyan trade exchange.