‘IT and Business’ in “PUŁAWY”

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“IT for Business Forum” was held in Puławy on March 12th. The conference was meant to create an opportunity for exchanging experience and presenting knowledge about IT and latest technologies used in the world of business.

IT systems are indispensable

It is currently impossible for any enterprise, and for a manufacturing company in particular, to do without adequate IT solutions supporting effective process management. Consequently, “PUŁAWY” are constantly developing new IT tools, which may be used in the company operations. The history of implementing a comprehensive IT system in “PUŁAWY” goes back to 2007, when SAP was introduced. More software is continually being developed and added based on this solution.

Prize-winning e-commerce from “PUŁAWY”

One of the latest apps was the e-commerce platform implemented by “PUŁAWY. The software was awarded “Best of the Most Interesting” title at the latest Changing Polish Business Forum. Application of the system brought our company numerous benefits. The e-commerce platform is far more than an online shop, it is first and foremost a reference database about our products and their application, indispensable for the end users. The solution also facilitates tracking deliveries, monitoring the level of stock and makes it easier to settle payments and submit complaints. From October 2012 till the end of that calendar year, 7,125,000 orders were serviced, and 208,832 tonnes of fertilizers sold.

“PUŁAWY” in the lead

Due to the mentioned solutions, new ones being planned and implemented and the great interest of end clients in our systems for online cooperation, “PUŁAWY” is one of the most advanced Polish chemical companies when it comes to IT systems. Meetings such as “IT for Business Forum” serve as an excellent opportunity for exchange of experience between operators from various fields, allowing for sharing know-how and finding out about new IT tools. This year’s forum was attended by representatives of such companies as Asseco, Comarch, IBM, S&T Services, BCC, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and QUMAK.