It all starts with energy supply

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The four main manufacturing facilities in Puławy, Tarnów, Police and Kędzierzyn-Koźle constitute the basis of Grupa Azoty activity. The Group as a whole can function well thanks to its comprehensive energy production and supply system.

Grupa Azoty pays particular attention to efficient energy generation technology, with a view to ensuring that the production of mineral fertilizers, chemical products and plastics generates considerable profit. Efficient solutions are also vital seeing that the Works in the Group consume an immense amount of energy, namely c. 3.2 TWh per year. At the same time, the annual production of energy from process steam reaches 21 PJ.

Optimal solutions

The installations belonging to Grupa Azoty use up all the energy produced by the facilities in the Group. However, the particular Works are located at a distance, and it is important to reduce losses resulting from the transfer of energy between the Works. The solutions include the decompression of carriers (natural gas and vapor). In this way, energy efficiency is raised, while the quantity of water necessary for cooling installations is reduced.

Norms bring challenges

As a Member State of the European Union, Poland is obliged to abide by the community standards, in particular those regulating CO2 emissions. Consequently, Grupa Azoty participates in ETS, the EU emissions trading system.

It is common knowledge that energy production incurs high cost, which is why Grupa Azoty is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that will make it possible to produce energy in a more efficient manner, while at the same time reduce the cost of energy generation. Thanks to its considerable revenue, Grupa Azoty is free to invest in R&D projects in this field.