Investments of Grupa Azoty

| Prospects & Investment |

Grupa Azoty Board has announced that a long-term investment plan will be ready in autumn, which does not mean that no investments are in progress now. Three newly completed facilities were inaugurated in Puławy at the beginning of July, and more are being constructed. The Group is also becoming more involved in the search and excavation of resources.

New acquisitions

“PUŁAWY”, which is consistent in developing Agro Segment and striving to satisfy the expectations of the customers, is planing a takeover of Organika-Sarzyna from Grupa Kapitałowa Ciech. Through the acquisition of the Works, which are located in Podkarpackie voivodeship and specialize in pesticide manufacturing, the Company will be able to expand its product portfolio for farmers and plant cultivators.

Grupa Azoty has already initialed the agreement with the Treasury to take over a controlling stake in Siarkopol. As much as 60% of sulfur processed by Companies in the Group comes from Siarkopol!

A plan in the making

With such opportunities ahead, Grupa Azoty is preparing an investment plan including long-term objectives and tools for their fulfillment. It is the new, well-prepared development projects that will make the Group a leader on the domestic and international market.