Investments guarantee growth

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“PUŁAWY” Company firmly believes in the above rule. Therefore, we are intent on continuing all activities which allow us to develop own manufacturing infrastructure and make production more efficient. As a result, we have become more competitive both on domestic and international market.

Building in Puławy

In the first half of 2012/13 financial year as many as 18 investment procedures were finalized on “PUŁAWY”. In another three, partial acceptances were given to stages worth 160 million PLN. Among those investments were activities aimed at improving the quality of production (new installations of technological lines, assembly of sensors and monitoring systems), at protecting the environment (construction of Installation for Desulfuring Exhaust Fumes and installation for drainage of residue from Biological Waste Treatment Plant) and at improving the quality of customer service (purchase and assembly of a line for printing on foil, bags and containers for RSM® sales network).

Activity in Gdańsk and Chorzów

Modernization activities were also made in “Fosfory” and “Azoty-Adipol”. In Gdańsk installations for the production of fertilizers and elements of ancillary infrastructure were modernized, and new machinery was bought. In Chorzów a project is in progress called ‘The construction of a plant for technical processing of animal fat and vegetable oils into distilled fatty acids and stearin with capacity of processing 16 000 tonnes of raw resources per year’. The investment budget in “Azoty-Adipol” reached 27,3 million PLN and the planned date of project completion and possible start-up of the plant is Q3 2013.

Our plans

“PUŁAWY” Company has many more plans than those mentioned. The company Board and Supervisory Board gave the go-ahead for another investment projects in the first half of 2012/13 financial year. 11 plans worth 172,5 million PLN in total were approved. General Meeting of Shareholders of “PUŁAWY” gave clearance for four investment projects whose value is 186,2 million PLN.