Investment in Dobre Miasto

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A new, modern fertilizer base was opened on September 8th 2014 in Dobre Miasto. The project was implemented by Agrochem Sp. z. o.o., a company belonging to Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY.

The grand opening of the fertilizer base and the symbolic cutting of the ribbon was attended by the Vice Minister of Treasury Urszula Pasławska, the Vice Minister of Finance Janusz Cichoń, and the Chairman of Grupa Azoty Paweł Jarczewski. The investment in Dobre Miasto will lead to increasing the economic potential of the region and is likely to improve the situation on the local job market.

Exceptional RSM® Base

The RSM® (fertilizer with high concentration of nitrogen) base is one of very few such facilities in Poland. It is the most modern base of this kind in Poland and the only one in North-East Poland. The tanks have the capacity of storing c. 10,000 tonnes of the solution and will satisfy the demand for fertilizers from the farmers in Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship. However, this is not all. The base in Dobre Miasto is truly unique because, depending on the needs, the fertilizer may be enriched with microelements, such as zinc, and macroelements, such as phosphorous.

The potential of the larger region

The decision to build the base in Dobre Miasto was taken in 2011. One of the reasons leading to this step was the proximity of the Warmia Special Economic Zone, which provided the investment with attractive tax reliefs associated with the Zone. Also, the potential of the local market was crucial. The idea was to set an example to follow, a standard of providing services for the farmers in this region.

Two development-oriented projects

Benchmark Fertilizer Base was built by Agrochem Sp. z o.o., a company which belongs to Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. Agrochem specializes in the production of mineral fertilizers with phosphorous and potassium, and with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

The new investment comprises two development-oriented projects: Liquid Fertilizers Facility and Fertilizer Distribution Center, which provides services of handling and storage of fertilizers in powder form. The total cost of the project reached 15 million PLN.