Intellectual capital in the PULAWY Group

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For several years PULAWY Company has continuously been trying to adjust to the changing situation on the market. One of the elements of our strategy is the development of the intellectual capital, on which we build the value of the Company on domestic and international markets.

Creating value in our company is based on four pillars:

a) growth and development, which include:

1) Implementation of development opportunities ensuring return that is higher than the cost of capital,

2) New markets / products development.

b) improvement in operational efficiency, which consists of:

1) maximizing the margins,

2) increasing assets usage,

3) cost optimization,

4) efficient IT systems.

c) optimization of funding costs, which include:

1) maintaining effective tax rates,

2) providing funding at the optimal cost,

d) intellectual capital, which consists of:

1) human resources based on skills, knowledge and experience,

2) human resources based on management and organizational culture,

3) relations based on the value of the company’s customers and communication with stakeholders.

Clients in the first place

Our basic principle is: “The value is build not at the level of the installation, but at the client’s level”. This means that we have shifted from product marketing towards developing relationships with our customers, which required changes in the customer value measurement.

Consequently, in the traditional approach we have considered product profitability, while now we are recognizing customer profitability. We have talked about current sales, while now we are talking about the value of life of our customers. We have focused on the importance of brand value, and now we focus on the value of our customer. Finally, we used to focus our attention on the market share, while now we believe that our customers’ share in the total capital is the most important.

The reason for such changes in the way of thinking is that today the market value of the company depends on the value of the company’s clients.

It consists of:

a) revenue and profitability of purchase

b) brand value:

1) brand awareness

2) attitude of customers toward “PUŁAWY” brand

3) perception of the brand products promotion

c) value of customer relationships, namely:

1) loyalty programs

2) building knowledge about customers

3) customer servic

4) emotional attachment

Projects for senior managers

As part of the development of human capital we have created a project for senior managers in our company.

It assumes following objectives:

a) Creating new standards in management and strengthening competencies of the key management staff in order to quickly and effectively achieve strategic goals set by the Management Board;

b) Building effective organizational culture conducive to business objectives;

c) Increasing involvement of key employees through their participation in the prestigious development project.

Cooperation with schools

We also work with the Technical School Associaton in Pulawy. The agreement states that, our company is provided with the valuable candidates for jobs, well prepared in both theoretical and practical terms.

That is why we have committed to:

a) Hire a minimum of 10 graduates of the School of each class;

b) Carry out internship programs for the students in the following occupations: chemical technology technician, analysis technician, technician of: electricity, mechanics, IT and communications technology;

c) Co-operation in the teaching programs arising from the core curriculum for the chemical professions;

d) Co-operation as a unit supporting the project in the event of the School filing for funding under EU projects.

Cooperation with scientific institutions

In recent years our company has initiated the creation of the Competence Center project, which aims to create a field of experience exchange between Polish scientific institutions, business and agricultural fertilizers industry.

The founders of the Competence Center are:


The University is committed to the creation of new managerial programs for agricultural entrepreneurs and to provide data for the thesis and teaching papers. The University has also created a program to support lasting fertilizer experiences and provides specialized post-graduate studies for agricultural advisors.

 “PUŁAWY” Company

Within the project we are responsible for increasing competences in the efficiency management in agriculture, promoting modern agricultural business model, forging new business and science relationships, promoting low-carbon standards and best agricultural practices.

Fertilizers Research Institute (INS)

Its functions include: conducting research on new fertilizing products, technical and technological support for new systems, cooperation in the implementation of innovative products (eg. extracts), assessment of the impact of different fertilizers on the environment, research and consultancy in the field of greenhouse gas emission.

Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation

It’s an institution that has a 150-year tradition in a scientific area. Within the Competence Center it is engaged in advisory system based on the data from the Integrated Information System on Polish Agricultural Environment. It also prepares tools to support the agricultural advisory system, such as a fertilizer calculator.

Scientific Education

To take care of the development of human capital at the best possible level, we also support post-graduate studies in the Agricultural University, which end with the colege degree and certificate authorizing to use and trade plant protection products designed for professional users.

On the basis of a presentation by Dr. Zenon Pokojskiego “Intellectual capital on the Zakłady Azotowe Pułay exampel” presented at the scientific conference ” Human Resources Competencies as the future of chemical industry in Poland”, Tarnow October 4, 2012.