Innovation and Science Center of Agricultural Research in Puławy has been opened!

| Prospects & Investment |

The authorities of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation have proudly announced finalizing a key investment. Innovation and Science Center of Agricultural Research was officially inaugurated on September 25th, 2015 in Puławy.

A step towards innovation in agriculture

The facilities of the Center of Agricultural Research in Puławy cost 44 million PLN to build. The project belongs to the 21st century, with laboratories equipped with the latest kinds of equipment. Thanks to those tools, the scientists gained appropriate conditions for conducting research commissioned by companies from all over the world.

The Biochemistry and Crop Quality Department forms a pivotal part of the Center. Other important elements of the project include the nuclear magnetic resonance lab and the plant propagation lab.

A look into the future

The managers of the Institute have remarked that entities from various countries in the world have been becoming more and more interested in the research capacity of the Center of Agricultural Research. A project commissioned by a Slovenian company has been finalized, and other customers have already begun to seek the Center’s assistance.

The research institution is staffed by about 100 people, including scientists from Brazil and Cuba. Plans have been made to conduct tens of thousand of research and analysis each year.