India is looking for phosphorites

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The 1-billion people Indian market is becoming increasingly interested in artificial fertilizers, including those which are phosphorous-rich. India is currently an importer of phosphorites in the raw as well as the processed form. The launch of a domestic phosphorites search programme might trigger a change of this situation.

Discoveries under the sea

India has phosphorite deposits on the mainland, but these satisfy only 15% of the market demand, and the resources are of poor quality. The remaining quantity of the minerals needs to be imported from Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. However, thanks to the large-scale exploration of the Arabian Sea seabed along the coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra states, the government in Delhi is hoping to gain access to marine phosphorite deposits. Specialists estimate the deposits to be large enough to satisfy the needs of local fertilizer manufacturers. On the other hand, the launch of commercial exploration is unlikely to start shortly, as locating the deposits in not enough. A feasibility study is necessary first, in order to examine the profitability of the enterprise.

Not only India

Polish companies are also striving to gain access to own deposits of natural resources. For this reason, KGHM Polska Miedź and Grupa Azoty have signed an agreement to create a special purpose company whose aim is to search for potassium salts, phosphorites, non-ferrous metal deposits and salt, both on the Polish territory and abroad. Joining the potential of the enterprises will make it easier to reach our targets and to make Polish chemical companies independent from the importation of key resources required for the production of fertilizers.