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Management of a modern enterprise involves implementing modern IT solutions which best suit the current needs. Consequently, “PUŁAWY” started cooperation with IBM Poland, with a view to make the company activity more efficient.

New standards

The American provider proposed IBM Maximo Asset Management and IBM FileNet applications for the management of the company assets. Thanks to those programs, “PUŁAWY” will introduce a standard of operational processes and create a defined system of documents circulation. The solution shall enable optimization of technological lines renovations through the control of labor time as well as secure timely technical check-ups and maintenance activities. In combination with electronic flow of documentation provided by IBM FileNet, “PUŁAWY” will be able to cut operating cost and expenditure on SAP license and speed up the circulation and booking of invoices. It matters insofar as the company owns various kinds of assets (manufacturing, storage, offices, etc.), whose operations ought to be systematized in an uniform way.

ibm3/fot. photopin.comThe importance of order

At the final stage of the implementation of the new tools, we are installing Business Intelligence – IBM Cognos system. It allows for the generation of analyzes and reports which help interpret business results. Thanks to the easy interface its users have free access to data and may agree on solutions in coordinated manner. Implementing well-known and efficient data management tools and IT solutions is a priority for “PUŁAWY”, as the company is set to continue investing and developing.