Historical income thanks to the investments

Our financial results for the last year affected the market in a positive way. Our investments helped us with this historic achievement.


The first of our investment was the reconstruction of water demineralization plant in our Company. We produce 5 – 6 million cubic meters of demineralized water annually. It supplies mainly the power plant, but it is also necessary for the production of caprolactam, melamine and other chemicals. Before the investment was carried out, we needed 1 cubic meter of demineralized water to obtain 1.4 cubic meters of raw water.

The new system has allowed us to significantly reduce the consumption of water, electricity and chemicals. Thanks to the investment, 1.05 cubic meter of water is sufficient to obtain 1 cubic meter of demineralized water. The installation is fully automated.


Another project was the reconstruction of installation for removal of carbon dioxide from gas used to ammonia synthesis. The main aim of this task was to improve the rate of energy consumption. This investment has also greatly benefited the environment. These in turn translate into economic effects by reducing the rate of natural gas consumption per ton of ammonia, and at the same time increasing the production of synthesis gas from the modernized production line. This investment also improved safety of the whole process and general working conditions.


We have also updated and expanded the ammonium sulfate packing line. It took us, only couple of months. Thanks to this investment we have increased our loading capacity and efficiency in the market significantly. Nowadays loading of ammonium sulfate on cars is much faster. Instead of stacking the individual bags, entire pallets of fertilizers wrapped in the foil are being loaded.

This investment was a strategic point in our trade policy. Modern machines that have been installed at the new packing lane, allow for greater flexibility of our offer’s structure. What is more, they also reduce the effort for its proper functioning. In this way, we respond to the expectations of farmers, who often look for fertilizers in the palette, and not in individual packages.


We intend to complete the installation of fumes desulphurization, co-financed by the European Union in 2012. This installation is of great importance for our plant. In fact it will contribute to the improvement of air quality. The plant construction will reduce the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by more than 80 percent.


We are going to complete the construction of new plants of solid and liquid fertilizers in the new fiscal year. First one is an installation for the production of solid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulfate, second one is for production of liquid fertilizer based on these ingredients. This type of investment projects will allow us to extend the product chain in the fertilizer segment and strengthen our position as market leader. As far as the liquid fertilizers are concerned, our main task is the installation of fertilizer production system with for storage containers.


We also build ammonia storage facility. It will increase the efficiency and safety of the operation of our Company. Construction of a new storage facility will allow us to schedule needed repair work on larger production lines without compromising the production. In case the urea installation shuts down, the new storage tank will allow us to perform typical repair work lasting up to 7 days, without the need to reduce the ammonia production.