High quality and low price – the competitive advantages of Polish food

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Polish food is growing in popularity all over the world. Poland has been working for decades to become a leading exporter of agricultural and food produce. “Poland as an attractive food producer and provider”, a report by PUŁAWY Competences Center, suggests that our country may become the leading European centre of agricultural production and food processing.

The role of fertilizers in food manufacturing

Fertilizer-chemical industry plays an important role in the process. “The aim is to adjust the fertilizers produced by Grupa Azoty to farmers’ needs, and reconcile those with strict EU norms on environmental protection” – believes the co-author of the report, Professor Janusz Igras, who is the Scientific Director at New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy. The new mineral fertilizers are produced thanks to the application of new synthesis methods. What is more, the New Chemical Syntheses Institute provides farmers with custom fertilization technology solutions. “On the one hand, we deliver fertilizers containing formulas that impact crop quantity and quality, and on the other hand we offer technologies which are supported by a counseling system” explained Professor Igras. The fertilizers ought to be applied in such a way so as to use the mineral ingredients in the most efficient manner.

Quality is more important than the price

Sustainable fertilization practice has emerged as the chief objective. We advocate the application of fertilizers whose aim is to release nutrients gradually, products tuned to the speed of their absorption by the crops. This approach fosters better crops, but first and foremost, it brings benefits for the environment. Preventing uncontrolled dissipation of mineral nutrients is the primary goal.

Let us make an important note here: with regard to fertilization, Poland follows the guidelines laid down by the European Commission closely. The Commission issued the so-called Nitrates Directive and it is now debating the Phosphates Directive.

Clean environment

Clean natural environment provides Poland with a strong competitive advantage. The majority of Polish farmers use mineral fertilizers in a reasonable manner, adjusting the dosage of the product to crop requirements. In Western European countries, farmers use about 200 kilograms of NPK fertilizers per hectare, while in Poland – only 130 kilograms per hectare.

If our crops are high quality and they are reasonably priced, our country has all the tools to build its brand of a leading food manufacturer. The value of export of Polish agri-food industry is estimated to reach 25 billion EUR this year. Building long-term competitive advantages is therefore worthwhile, and we should take advantage of such assets as high quality, clean natural environment and sustainable approach to crop cultivation.