Grupa Azoty reinforces its sales structure

| Prospects & Investment |

Grupa Azoty intends to develop its organic products line and boost the sales in AGRO Segment. We are planning to focus our attention on fostering the bond with the distributors, as well as the individual clients.

Systematic development of particular Works in the Group

Following the resignation from the joint project with Grupa Lotos, we are not intending to launch any investments on an equally large scale. We are consistently developing our own Works by modernizing and updating the installations, and implementing innovative products. We are also endeavoring to increase sales figures by leveraging stronger and more lasting relations with our distributors and end users.

Focusing on the Polish market and the neighboring countries

Willing to take up closer cooperation with entities which deal with distribution, we also take into consideration taking them over in the long term. The current strategy is based on further development on the domestic market and entering the neighboring countries, namely Germany and Scandinavian countries. We chose to channel our efforts in this direction. Thanks to the high quality of the products available, and the possibility of customizing the offer to the individual needs, we are confident of being competitive on new markets.

Seeking new trade routes

The Company is still looking into the potential of the new markets and turning to the African countries more and more often. We are monitoring emerging economies and organizing frequent business trips, and thinking about Africa beyond the context of a land were resources can be bought. We are therefore endeavoring to train experts who in the future will be able to educate the end users about sustainable farming on the African continent.