Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY staff working for the local community

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Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY attaches great importance to the community which it has been making an impact on for over 50 years now. As a result, we have become involved in a number of local projects aimed at developing the town and the area. The staff are a great asset of the company, and the latest initiative we have taken up together is Employee Volunteering project.

Rules of the competition

Via Employee Volunteering, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY has been supporting community initiatives of the staff members. Teams of at least three staff members each were eligible to take part in the grant competition. Every team came up with their idea of helping the local community and the environment. The jury of the competition selected ten winning projects, which were awarded with financing of 5,000 PLN each. Participation in the ventures is voluntary and done after working hours. The staff do not receive any remuneration for their contribution to the projects.

Winning initiatives

The awarded ideas included the construction of a playground for the youngest kindergarten children, those aged up to 3 years and 6 months old, next to Kindergarten No 18 in Puławy. Other projects are: a garden next to the hospice of Puławy Association of Friends of the Sick, a room for the therapy of autistic and development-challenged kids at “Step by Step” Foundation in Puławy, fitness facilities for the pupils of Puławy High School No 1, the restoration of trout population in Chodelka river, and a new roof for the garage of Voluntary Fire Service in Rogów.

Volunteers ready to go

Our Company staff have often proven that they are sensitive to social and community problems. I was delighted to learn that the number of competition entries exceeded the number of available grants. We would like the voluntary activity to help our employees unite around important values and positive ideas, as well as reap benefits from voluntary activity in their professional and private lives.

Working on the volunteering projects, we are building a local partnership with the entities in the vicinity of the Company; both the local community as well as public institutions and NGO’s. The winning teams have five months for implementing their initiatives. The Board of the Company has announced that the competition will be held each year provided that all the selected projects are completed.