Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is officially a “Well Regarded Company”

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Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” won one of the titles in “Well Regarded Company” competition for the second time in history. The title is awarded by Business Centre Club Employers Association. The awarding ceremony took place in Lubomirscy Palace in Warsaw on November 19th, and the diploma was handed to the Vice Chairman of the Board, Zenon Pokojski.

Taking care of the employees and the local community

The competition aims at presenting the companies which are perceived as the most faithful to the idea of corporate social responsibility in their region. The competition is a part of a bigger project “CSR as a tool for building positive image of the enterprise”, which is currently conducted on the whole Polish territory. The title given to “PUŁAWY” highlights the fact that our company is especially active in CSR activities in the region. Overall, 16 enterprises were awarded in the competition, one per each of 16 regions of Poland. All winners enjoy positive opinion in their environments, thanks to following the principles of responsible business.

Inspiring others

Grupa Azoty CEO Paweł Jarczewski congratulated the Chairman of our Company Marian Rybak on “PUŁAWY” obtaining the honorary distinction. Mr Jarczewski remarked that such achievements of “PUŁAWY” ought to be seen as a prize for the whole Azoty Capital Group.

Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “PUŁAWY” published an Integrated Annual Statement this year. The document presents the Company activity in detail, so that the readers may draw conclusions about the high standard of company conduct. Readers of the report will gain full information about financial data as well as environmentally-friendly activities and social activity of the Works. The report was drawn up in accordance with international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.