Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY is a TOP Employer in Eastern Poland

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The titles of TOP Employers in Eastern Poland were awarded at the 2nd Eastern Economic Congress. The new initiative aims at drawing attention to the activity of companies which have the biggest impact on shaping the labor market in Lubelskie and neighboring voivodeships.

The qualities of a TOP Employer

Companies that took part in the competition had been shortlisted by local authorities in the voivodeships, regional Marshals and Mayors of voivodeship capitals, and by representatives of organizations which boost economic development by attracting investors and developing entrepreneurship. Experts invited to join the Advisory Commission of the competition selected the winners using a number of criteria, including the impact of Employer’s activity on the economic development of the region, the contribution to the development of the local labor market, innovation, staff relations and cooperation with the local community.

The organizers of the competition believe that the list of laureates includes companies which are managed in an innovative way, which bet on innovation, play an important role in their sectors and the businesses whose activity makes a decisive impact on shaping the labor market in a given region.

Human resources: the most important kind of company capital

At present, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY employs almost 4,700 members of staff, over 3,300 of whom work in Puławy Works. Our Factory in therefore one of the largest employers in Lubelskie region, and our main principle is developing staff competences, the best investment for the future.

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY also operates a comprehensive program of fringe benefits for the staff. It covers low-interest mortgages, aid in difficult life situations, group insurance and healthcare program financed by the Employer. Our Works employ almost 20% of all the workforce in Puławy, while the average employment history of a staff member exceeds 18 years!