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Our Works are involved in a number of projects which benefit the local community. A recent initiative of this kind is the contribution to the creation of Children’s Burns Treatment Ward, an addition to SPZOZ (Health Maintenance Organization) in Łęczna. The final stage of the construction was completed on March 13th, 2014.

The most modern in Poland

The Ward forms a part of Eastern Burns Treatment Center in Łęczna. It is one of the most advanced clinics of this kind in Poland and one of very few such places in Europe! The Ward has facilities for the simultaneous treatment of 16 patients, four rooms with beds and modern specialist medical equipment. Parents of little patients will be able to accompany their children during most of the stay at the hospital, which helps families to cope with stress and recuperate faster.

International reach

Children’s Burns Treatment Ward will be the first such facility east of the Vistula, so it will no longer be necessary to transport little patients to the remote specialist clinic in Szczecin. The Ward in Łęczna is going to admit children from the whole region, including those living in the vicinity of Polish-Ukrainian border, as a part of an international medical project. The Ward is now expecting deliveries of specialist equipment, and is to become fully prepared to operate in May 2014.