Grupa Azoty produces innovative fertilizers

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In the next few years, we are likely to witness an increase in the application of smart fertilizers in agricultural production. New products will excel at delivering indispensable elements to crops. Nutrient absorption is also bound to improve, which means that the scale of washout of fertilizers to groundwater will be reduced.

Smart fertilizers

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY has been developing and manufacturing the so-called intelligent fertilizers, which help the plant absorb the required quantity of the nutrient. The fertilizers will be adjusted to kinds of crops as well as various soil types. At the moment, the company is already producing UAN S, urea-ammonium nitrate solution with sulphur. Other fertilizers with added minerals and elements are going to join the company product range shortly.

Rising demand for fertilizers

According to FAO, the world population is to reach 9-10 billion in 2050, which means that demand for food will rise by another 70%! In order to meet the rising alimentary needs of people on the planet, we need to boost crop efficiency. To this end, we should take care of suitable fertilization methods and choice of products applied to particular types of plantations.

Luckily, the portfolio of chemical-fertilizer companies is no longer limited to a few brands of fertilizers. There are as many as 50 various products used by farmers all over the world in their daily work. The task for the years to come is to focus on improving efficiency and productivity of the agricultural sector. As a result, the profits of the economy will grow, and food security on a global scale will improve.