Grupa Azoty internationally

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Being active on foreign markets and on the forum of international NGO’s is a vital element of the functioning and development of Grupa Azoty.

The energy to move

As of November 2013, Grupa Azoty became the 21st member of Central Europe Energy Partners association. There are two main aims of CEEP activity: combining the potentials of energy companies and research institutes from Central Europe, and supporting the integration of this sector of the economy within the framework of EU policy. Grupa Azoty is the second largest manufacturer of mineral fertilizers in Europe. Consequently, our Works consume vast amounts energy and fuels, natural gas in particular. Is is especially important for us to exchange experiences concerning the use of energy resources with partners from CEEP, and use this know-how in the current activity of the company.

Polish fertilizers in South America

Fertilizers manufactured by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” will be available in Brazil in 2014. A 3-year agreement has just been signed with Comexport. The deal concerns the sale of multicomponent products from Police and ammonium sulphate from Puławy and Tarnów. The contract is worth 360 million PLN. South America is an especially important destination for the development of foreign trade of Grupa Azoty. As much as 19% of the goods exported by our company reached the South American market, with 10% going to Brazil, the country responsible for half of Latin American countries’ GDP. We need to remember that Brazilian agriculture is the most dynamic branch of the economy, while Brazilian farmers purchase the most nutrients in the form of fertilizers, following their counterparts in China, India and the USA.