Grupa Azoty in RESPECT INDEX

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Warsaw Stock Exchange representatives revealed the names of companies which were included in the latest Respect (Responsibility Ecology Sustainability Participation Environment Community Transparency) Index in December 2015. We were delighted to learn that Grupa Azoty appeared on the list for the ninth time, one of few companies quoted on WSE which had maintained their position in the Index.

Implementing corporate social responsibility

Respect Index was established by Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2009 and it has been dubbed “CSR index” of commercial companies. To be included on the list, a business needs to take care of the environment, of the local community and the staff. Transparent policy of communicating with company stakeholders is also required.

A valuable distinction

Grupa Azoty was appreciated in Respect Index thanks to the comprehensive nature of the activities done by the company, indicative of a broad approach to CSR. This includes supporting housing investments in the region, sponsoring sports teams and cultural events.

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY provides a good example of this approach. In the past years, the company allocated about 1.5 billion PLN to the development of Puławy and the region. We support sport teams: “Azoty Puławy” handball players and “Wisła Puławy” sports club. We have become involved in various cultural projects, such as Zamoyscy Museum in Kozłówka and “Two Riversides” Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec. We also invest in the future of the local kids, co-financing educational facilities in schools, and organizing environmental education meetings for children and teenagers from the region.

Encouraged by this distinction, we are intent on taking up further CSR initiatives.