“Green Chemistry” in Puławy

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On the 18th December 2012 the General Meeting of Shareholders of “Puławy” voted in favor of setting up SCF Natural, a company co-funded by the Fertilizer Research Institute in Puławy. The new entity was formally registered on 24h of January 2013. The initiative constitutes a major step on the path to connect science and business in the agricultural sector.

Demand for plant extracts

The objective of the newly launched entity is the production and sales of hop extracts and extracts of other plants. Various substrates manufactured by SCF Natural will attract clients from the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. The company shall be located in Puławy and its capital will amount to 15 million PLN. A plant for production of hop granules in Suchodoły will be brought to the company as a contribution of “Puławy”. The plant will constitute a facility for sullpy, storage and for logistical purposes.

Zakłady Azotowe "PUŁAWY"/fot. zapulawy.plWhy Puławy?

Owing to this move, both parties will be able to further their cooperation connected with the new market area. Another important factor which makes it possible to develop such activity is the fact that the Fertilizer Research Institute owns an installation for the production of extracts in supercritical conditions with CO2 use. The plant will be supported by six new laboratory installations on “Puławy” premises. The activity of all those facilities shall enable further research into the use of supercritical extraction for various branches of the manufacturing industry in the country and worldwide. Thanks to the instruments at hand, SCF Natural will manufacture extracts from oleoresins, polyunsaturated oils, herbal oils and natural extracts (eg. lecithin from dried egg yolk). The capacity of the installations will reach 4-10 tonnes per day, depending on the substance.

chemistry/fot. freepik.com“Green Chemistry” is the future

The functioning of SFC Natural shall be based on renewable resources and the plant will not produce any toxic waste. The idea behind technologies classified as “Green Chemistry” is an attempt at maximizing the use of natural substrates instead of synthetic ones. Added value of SCF Natural will be the use of carbon dioxide, which is usually one of the by-products of chemical fertilizers’ producers. However, thanks to its physical and chemical qualities, it is the key factor in the efficient extraction of the substrates introduced. By setting up of SCF Natural, “PUŁAWY” wish to expand its range of products and make their activities more efficient, but also manifest how important it is to combine the potential of science and industry with a view to protect the natural environment.