Global successes of Grupa Azoty

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Grupa Azoty is the second largest fertilizer manufacturer in Europe. Our activity on international markets has recently been appreciated. We received the title of “The best Polish exporter among the companies which are owned or partly owned by the Treasury”, in a competition “Polish Company – an International Champion”.


Europe is the primary market for fertilizers manufactured by Grupa Azoty, which reach customers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden), France and the United Kingdom. We are successful on an international scale, and the quality of our products is appreciated both by distributors, as well as end users. It is worth knowing that Grupa Azoty’s product portfolio also includes fertilizers suitable for the cultivation of coffee and cotton. Therefore, Southern American countries are  the next market which we are trying to increase our presence on. We are also looking into the possibility of expansion in Africa, a continent where the agricultural-food sector is forecast to grow, triggering higher  demand for mineral fertilizers.


Main export destinations of fertilizers produced by Grupa Azoty are based on the so-called geographical premium and access to goods in stock in five plants of our corporation. We are constantly monitoring the situation on global markets and analyzing the possibility of expanding to other countries. The goal is to get to know the needs of our customers and adjust the product range to the dynamic situation on particular markets.