Gas is the key

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The Polish economy is very hopeful about the prospects of shale gas extraction. Should the current forecast prove correct, domestic companies will obtain great development opportunities. Extraction of this resource would also be beneficial for all Great Chemical Synthesis enterprises.

Encouragement from the Ministry of Treasury

Mr Mikołaj Budzanowski has observed that chemical companies ought to play a significant role in shale gas extraction, but the decision whether to participate remains with each enterprise. Such input would matter not only from the perspective of the national economy, but primarily from the point of view of the industries for which gas is an essential resource.

Gas is the key/fot. freepik.comMore gas for “PUŁAWY”

“PUŁAWY” Company use gas in everyday manufacturing processes and are active in various projects related to gas. The first is the construction of a combined cycle installation in Puławy. This investment will be made by “PUŁAWY” in cooperation with PGE. Another such plan is a waste bio treatment plant (cost: 15.4 million PLN). The plant will remove water from residue for the purpose of artificial soil production. This soil will help re-cultivate areas where shale gas was excavated.

Gas is the key/fot. freepik.comShale gas is the future

Test boreholes already made and evidence of rich deposits which might soon start to be excavated suggest that “PUŁAWY” Company could also benefit from shale gas extraction. The enterprise responsible for the above mentioned project does not exclude the possibility of cooperation in gas extraction from deposits in Lublin Highlands area. The public has already been informed that in Berejów, where “Lubartów” concession was granted, PKN ORLEN has completed a vertical borehole, while a horizontal borehole will be made shortly. The company expects the first profits from shale gas sales in 2017.