Gas from RWE Supply & Trading helps diversify supply

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Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and RWE Supply & Trading signed an agreement concerning the supply of high methane natural gas. The contract took force on October 1st, 2015 and it will expire on September 30th, 2016. The estimated value of the contract is 170 million PLN.

Choice of the supplier

The aforementioned supplier of gas for Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY was chosen in a tender conducted in all the companies in Grupa Azoty.

Marian Rybak, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, said that “the agreement with RWE is another example of our taking advantage of opportunities to diversify the sourcing of this strategic resource, that is natural gas”. It is also an opportunity to purchase gas at an attractive price, on competitive terms.

A key resource

Natural gas is the primary energy resource used by Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. The annual demand for natural gas for the production of ammonia in Our Works approaches 1 billion m3.