Gas, coal and ecology

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Which energy source is the most suitable for our economy and industry? Providing an answer to the question is far from easy, especially that the situation on the market is changing quickly and we are expecting changes resulting from the European Union climate and energy package.

Coal: in the energy sector since the beginning

Polish industry has been based on coal-generated energy for ages. Despite plans to depart from the resource gradually, it is likely to remain one of the main energy sources for decades. The situation is similar in the remaining European Union countries, where the topic is also linked to the discussion about limiting CO2 emissions. The production of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY is also partly based on coal, which has a 15%-share in the structure of resources consumption by the Company (data from 2013).

Natural gas: time has come for a cheaper alternative

Natural gas is the basic resource for the fertilizer-chemical industry as well as many other branches of the economy. Its role in the national, European and global economy cannot be overestimated. Efforts are being made, therefore, to diversify the sources of its supply and purchase gas at the most advantageous price. Our Works have striven towards diversification, buying natural gas from PGNiG, RWE Polska, Vattenfall as well as Statoil, and preparing projects connected with shale gas.

Keeping the environment in mind

As a rule, the discussion about energy and resources needs to include a reference to protecting the natural environment. Limiting CO2 emissions in the member countries is one of the main goals of the European Union. A new climate and energy legislation package for 2020-2030 was voted in by the EU authorities in October 2014. The initial target is to reduce carbon dioxide emission in this decade by as much as 40%, and cause the energy efficiency to rise by 27%.