Future in shale gas

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Voting in of the shale gas bill by the Polish government was the first breakthrough on the path to the excavation of the resource. Another major step is the launch of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Świnoujście, which is scheduled in early 2015. The port will open up new opportunities of sourcing natural gas, which will have positive impact on the key sectors of the Polish economy.

The development of the chemical industry

Much is being said about the future of the European chemical business, including its competitive edge on the global markets. Wishing to continue international expansion, we need to consider the implementation of far-reaching investments and projects which will facilitate growth. The start-up of commercial excavation of shale gas on EU territory might benefit the chemical-fertilizers sector.

Lower price, more possibilities

Our Works consume around 1 billion m3 of natural gas annually, thus domestic gas from shale deposits could help decrease the cost of fertilizers manufacturing. Consequently, we would become more competitive on the international market.

Benefits for the natural environment

Another focal aspect of shale gas use, for example in the production of electricity, is its influence on the environment, which is less acute than in the case of coal. Widespread use of shale gas is likely to boost the condition of the chemical sector, and the national economy as a whole, at the same time bringing benefits to the natural environment.