France bets on green farming

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The government in Paris is keen on increasing the public interest in farming issues, boosting the importance of agricultural ecology, and the production of local food. New legislation is to provide another trigger for the French farmers to accelerate the growth of the national agricultural sector.

The essence of agricultural ecology

This science examines the relationship between the plants and animals which live in the fields and the changes in their habitat resulting from human activity. What the science aims at is establishing the conditions which help the crops to produce the highest and the most valuable yield. Research in this field makes it possible to set the most suitable dosages of pesticides and fertilizers for particular types of crops.

The French model

A new law which has recently been enacted seeks to implement the ideas of agricultural ecology in an active manner, so as to raise the quality of the national agricultural production, and to shorten the path the foodstuffs need to travel from the manufacturer to the consumer. The proposals of the French authorities focus on three key postulates: increasing the competitive edge of the supply chain in the national agriculture, implementing the solutions coming from agricultural ecology, and educating about the proper nutrition of the French children and teenagers.

The responsibility of agricultural manufacturers

The success of the initiative is largely dependent on the activity of the agricultural manufacturers, whose work fuels the functioning of the sector as a whole. They will therefore be encouraged to implement and develop projects co-financed from the national budget. If the farmers take an active approach to the plan, the implementation of new legal solutions in practice will be possible, helping to improve the relations between agricultural manufacturers, the natural environment and the consumers.