Food security of Poland keeps rising

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Poland is one of the four countries in Europe where food security has increased since 2014. Let us take a look at the factors which led to the continued improvement of the country’s position in the ranking.

Global Food Security Index: Poland’s strong position

According to Global Food Security Index, Poland is on the 28th position out of 109 countries listed. Our country takes high ranks in such categories as “nutritional standards” and “access to financing for farmers”. The achievement has been possible thanks to the activity of the authorities which come up with new legal proposals. Other circles whose involvement matters include scientists, research institutions, business representatives, farmers and distributors of agricultural produce.

The activity of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY aims to become one of the leading participants of the debate about food security in the country. We also come up with initiatives which strengthen Poland’s position on the international market of agricultural production and food distribution. We train producers and agricultural advisers, promoting the principles of sustainable agriculture. One of such initiatives is the postgraduate course which we organize with Warsaw School of Life Sciences. Centrum Kompetencji PUŁAWY, which is based on the potential of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, advocates promoting food security and attracts a circle of experts and individuals interested in the issue.

Development and synergistic effects

Apart from the authorities’ involvement, both on the national and local level, what we need is efficient exchange of information and know-how between agricultural manufacturers, representatives of scientific institutions and industrial enterprises which produce for agriculture. The cooperation of all those groups results in synergistic effects, making us very proud.

The improvement of Poland’s position in Global Food Security Index is our common goal, and we need to continue actions bolstering food security in the country.