Food security in Poland on the increase

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In the latest Global Food Security Index commissioned DuPont, Poland took the 26th place among 109 countries listed in the ranking. The result is 1.8 points better than in the last year. This serves as a proof that the joint activity of Polish scientists, businesspeople, agricultural manufacturers and politicians in has brought about increased food supply safety in our country.

The Index was created using an analysis of 28 factors, taken from data gathered by United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization and World Bank.

Polish assets

The 26th place on the Index with a result of 72.7 points is very good news for Poland. Our country has gained 1.8 points in the ranking over the past 12 months. In food availability category Poland took the 27th place in the world and got 6.6 points more than in 2013. Food quality and safety indicator rose from 75.3 to 75.7 points, allowing us to reach the 28th place in the world.

Domestic budget on a plus

Our country may take pride in highest ranks in such areas as: programs supporting food security, access to financing for farmers, nutritional standards and presence of food safety net programs (100 points out of 100 in each of those categories) and proportion of population under global poverty line – 99.8 points. The largest improvement, however, concerned food consumption as a share of household expenditure. This indicator rose by 20.6 points compared to 2013.

Signals for the Ministry

Food availability indicator fell slightly, by 0.2 points in comparison with 2013. Poland received very low ranks in public expenditure on agricultural R&D – only 12.5 points out of 100, and in the area of readiness to minimize the results of urbanization.

This serves as a clear signal for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Initiatives to improve the weak points need to be taken. We are hopeful about the new EU Rural Development Programs 2014-2020. They provide an opportunity to finance scientific projects concerning agriculture, and increase the share of modern technological solutions in the agricultural production in Poland.