Flying from Świdnik

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Among airports in the European Union, “Lublin” Airport is located the farthest to the East. The port, which was built from scratch in record time, gives Lublin area opportunities for development, connecting the region with distant cities in Poland and in other countries.

A young winner

Although the official opening of the airport took place on 17th December 2012, flight tickets could have been booked as early as 5 months in advance. On the 26th October the Regional Construction Authority gave the go-ahead for the functioning of the airport. Permission for the construction of the airport had been granted two years before. The speedy progress of the project was awarded a Golden Statue by the jury of Innovations in Transportation Awards 2012 in “Financing Investments” category. The construction also won the first prize in “Build safely” competition organized by Regional Labor Inspection in Lublin and the first prize in an online voting for Poland's Favorite” held as a part of Life in Architecture 2012, the 7th edition of the competition.

Opportunities and perspectives

airport_2/fot. photopin.comAirport in Świdnik is a modern structure which fulfills all requirements necessary for the service of international flights. A terminal with an area of 11.000 m2 allows for simultaneous check-in of passengers of four aircraft class B738/A320. In the first year of operation, PL Lublin is planning to service 300 thousand passengers, but the full capacity of the facility is one million passengers per year. Should this threshold be reached, construction of an extension is possible. Another progress for passengers is synchronizing the timetable of railbuses to and from Lublin with the flight schedule. The cars will wait for the passengers is case an arrival of the plane is delayed. The trip to Lublin by railbus takes as little as 15 minutes.

Businesspeople will gain more time

airport_3/fot. photopin.comThanks to this investment, which expands the potential of local transportation infrastructure, is may be possible to give new incentive for the business world, for local companies and representatives visiting Lublin area on business. Only four days after the opening of the airport, an Air Taxi with businesspeople from Wrocław touched down on the runway. Opening PL Lublin airport also brings benefits for “PUŁAWY” clients and suppliers, who will not need to use airports in Warsaw or Rzeszów. It suffices to drive to Świdnik, which is located 60 kilometers south of Puławy.