Fertilizers gain importance

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The world population is growing, and new, more efficient methods of cultivation are increasingly sought after. Consequently, scientists and experts from all over the world are constantly interested in researching effective fertilization techniques.

Why agriculture needs taking care of?

Food supply security, or the availability of foodstuffs on a global scale, is directly dependent on the development of this sector of the economy. In order to provide food security, the potential of the fertilizer industry needs to be developed constantly. In the short term, fertilizers may be imported from other countries. However, in periods of volatility on the energy resources market, the prices of fertilizers manufactured abroad may grow rapidly. Fertilizers becoming less affordable for the end user results in poorer crops, modest harvest and expensive food.

New fertilization solutions

Flexibility is crucial in contemporary farming. Agricultural activity needs to be adjusted to the changing market conditions, and ready to adopt new technologies. RSM® manufactured by Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY is an example of this flexibility. Thanks to its liquid form, the fertilizer may be easily applied, and – more importantly – it is easy to enrich the formula with elements deficient in the given kind of soil.

Thanks to the R&D activity of the works in Puławy, we managed to create RSMS®. This fertilizer is based on RSM®, but it also includes sulphur, which is indispensable in the process of protein creation. At present, we cooperate with The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn to research the possibility of producing a solution containing ammonium nitrate and urea, and other microelements.

Also, the so-called precision farming may be considered an example of modern solutions for agriculture. Precision farming uses GPS-based soil mapping or apps assisting in fertilization and watering of soil. This helps to increase the efficiency of crops and proves that this sector of the economy ought to be considered as a modern, profitable business.

Will wheat be the natural gas of tomorrow?

Dynamic changes in agriculture fuel its strength and global importance. Bearing in mind the fact that the population is constantly growing, we need to take care of the close cooperation between agricultural sector and fertilizer manufacturers. Who knows, wheat may well become the strategic resource of tomorrow, just like natural gas today.