Fertilizer use to grow to 200 million tonnes in 2018

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Global fertilizer consumption is forecast to exceed 200 million tonnes in 2018. What follows is increasing demand for fertilizers, which is expected to be higher by 25% as compared to figures from 2008.

Dynamic production growth

According to data published by Food and Agriculture Organization in a new report “World fertilizer trends and outlook to 2018”, the use of fertilizers is expected to rise substantially in the next three year. At the same time, “the global capacity of fertilizer products, intermediates and raw materials will increase further” the report confirmed. The pace of nitrogen use growth is estimated at 1.4% each year by 2018, while phosphate use is to grow by 2.2% annually, and potash – by 2.6%. If the data is compared with FAO’s outlook report, the supply of those three components is estimated to grow by 3.7%, 2.7%, and 4.2% per year. The biggest surge in demand is expected in sub-Saharan Africa.

Developing countries give fertilizers a chance

This region of the world is going to require products based on nitrogen and potash. The report said that the demand for nitrogen will remain high across all continents. By 2018, Africa is likely to use 4.1 million tonnes, Europe – 15.7 million tonnes, the Americas – 23.5 million tonnes, and Asia – 74.2 million tonnes.

Sustainable agriculture is a challenge for the world

The report recommended crop rotation, mulching and the application of manure as ways to help restore nitrogen to the soil gradually. Additionally, some plants, legumes such as soybeans in particular, turned out to have microorganisms in their root systems, taking nitrogen from air and making it available for the plant.

FAO has also come up with methods of monitoring crop conditions in real time, which might facilitate the preparation of adequate fertilization procedures.