Fertilizer Research Center in Puławy has been opened

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On October 16th, 2015 Fertilizer Research Center at New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy was inaugurated. The Center is a multi-purpose facility aimed at researching new technologies of producing mineral fertilizers. Is was equipped with the latest R&D installations and lab equipment of the newest generation.

The opening ceremony

Professor Cezary Możeński, the Director of New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy, stressed the importance of close cooperation between the Institute and Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY in the research on new fertilizer formulas. Professor Jerzy Buzek, the former Speaker of the European Parliament, was the honorary guest at the opening of the Center. He made references to the personal sentiment he had for the town of Puławy as well as Our Works. He also stressed the immense role of chemistry in agriculture, meaning fist and foremost the role of mineral fertilizers, which he considered the leading innovation in the 20th century. He added: “Scientists believe that this was the most ground-breaking invention, making it possible to feed the growing world population. At the opening of Fertilizer Research Center here in Puławy, we are participating in something extraordinary (…)”.

Main tasks of Fertilizer Research Center

Innovative fertilizer formulas are going to be prepared in the Center, so that they can be implemented on a wide scale in industrial production. The new unit of New Chemical Syntheses Institute, whose budget exceeded 25 million PLN, was built thanks to financing from European Union programs. Apart from Fertilizer Research Center, other modern and specialist labs have recently been launched at the Institute, namely High Pressure Laboratory, a pilot installation for testing coprecipitated catalysts preparation processes, Center for Researching Supercritical Fluid Extraction Processes, Bio-degradable Plastics Laboratory and Bio-active Compounds Laboratory in Puławy Science-Technology Park.

Perspectives for the fertilizer sector

According to Professor Cezary Możeński, “Polish fertilizer sector remains unrivaled in Europe, and New Chemical Syntheses Institute intents to offer even more new solutions, and that is why we have created New Chemical Syntheses Institute and equipped it with installations and machinery which are unique on a global scale (…)”.

Implementations of Institute’s formulas are present in all chemical works in Poland. Over the past 6 years, the Institute doubled its revenue, which rose from 37 to 90 million PLN/year, and the institution has invested over 120 million PLN. The facility is staffed with world-class specialists and scientists, thanks to whom the Institute may maintain the pace of development, offering modern solutions and innovative services to the clients.