Fat Processing Installation – taking care of the environment

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Last week Fat Processing Installation was launched in Zakłady Azotowe “CHORZÓW”, a part of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. Completion of the project is also an opportunity to examine the impact of the investment on the environment.

Taking care of the environment

Analysis and research done during the first technological start-ups of the plant proved that the volume of pollution produced by the installation does not have an excessive impact on the quality of air. In the vicinity of the plant, no harmful substances in higher than the norm concentration were detected. This confirms that the whole investment was conducted in a professional manner.

Fat Processing Installation - taking care of the environment/fot. photopin.comAbiding by EU norms and sanitary requirements

Resources arrive at the factory in sealed tanks, and next the whole production process runs under constant surveillance, the eye of modern monitoring systems, procedures and engineering solutions. Fat Processing Plant utilizes animal acids subject to strict veterinary check-ups due to the specific kind of the resource. The whole production line fulfills EU and Polish norms.

Zakłady Azotowe “CHORZÓW” of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” have cooperated closely with the local and regional veterinary authorities since the very beginning of the investment.

Processing byproducts

Every element of the installation was planned in such a way so that the byproducts may be reused in further production lines. The installation has been equipped with appliances which process byproducts in order that they maintain commercial value. Substances left from the main production process may be used as a resource for other industries. The installation includes special vapor scrubbers preventing pollution of the natural environment with fumes from the factory. Condensate and technical water are reused in further processing of the resource.

Fat Processing Installation - taking care of the environment/fot. photopin.comReducing pollution

Similar solutions have been applied to technological wastewater. The installation has been fitted with a separate hub for wastewater purification, resulting in a significant reduction of undesirable particles. After the preliminary filtration the water directed to the freshly-modernized general water treatment plant of the Nitrates Works.

It was the care of the natural environment which made the designers opt for natural gas as the fuel. Another achievement was reducing noise which could disturb the vicinity of the plant. The whole new installation is controlled and supervised via a modern process management system. Also, the threat of dangerous incidents endangering the stability of the production process was reduced to the minimum through the application of the most up-to-date solutions.