Farming is good business for the whole Africa

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The potential of African farming is vast. What it lacks, though, is implementing good management practices. Such tools are used by European and American businesses.

Imports continue to prevail

Circa 57% of the African workforce is employed in the agricultural sector. Despite this figure, the continent is unable to produce sufficient quantity of food to satisfy the needs of all inhabitants. This is why imported goods continue to play a dominating role. The annual value of imports is about 25 billion USD, out of which only 1 billion is the value of foodstuffs traded between African states. Such situation may only be classified as inefficient use of the large potential of African agriculture.

Directions of activity

African experts agree that it is necessary to intensify work towards improving farming management efficiency in all countries on the continent. The first element, which they believe needs to be changed, is the manner in which agriculture is regarded. It ought to be seen as a business activity, not an everyday social activity done because of tradition. We can still see the use of such traditional tools as a hoe. It is thus necessary to improve agrarian standards and modernize African farms.

The next requirement is intensifying the activity of the authorities of particular countries, which should create legal and financial conditions for local farmers which will become incentives for development. The aim is to improve the technological level of farms systematically, and give the agricultural manufacturers access to markets. The final, important task for all, is shaping the awareness that farming-based economy not only provides jobs, but also helps multiply the riches of particular states, as well as the African continent as a whole. In the long-term, one may expect that this continent might become independent from the importation of foodstuffs.