Farmers take care of the environment

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As many as 77% of farmers declare that taking care of the environment is an essential consideration in their daily work. We have already written about the environmentally-friendly habits of the Poles and the changing habits. Time has come to take a look at the way Polish farmers take care of the environment, and what they do to make such activities even more efficient.

Managing waste

The researchers inquired how the farmers managed the packaging of pesticides. The result of the poll indicated a positive trend . The majority of farmers, as many as 70%, return the packaging to the shop or the wholesaler’s, which is what they are legally required to do. Legal obligation rather than environmental awareness appears to be the main reason why farmers return packaging to the retail outlet. Bags for the collection of packaging are now provided at the outlets, while the system operator manages the collection of the bags, charging the producers and importers for the service. 8 in 10 farmers think that places where they may return empty packaging of pesticides are available in their neighborhood.

Towards modern farming

According to 25 years of Polish agriculture. Food security in Europe report, sustainable development in the agricultural sector means transition to modern farming. This involves both technological progress and care of the environment and the neighborhood of the farm.

On the one hand, demand is rising for cheap, mass-produced grocery products manufactured by industrial agriculture systems. On the other hand, the sector offering organic and natural farm products, rich in nutrients and healthy (albeit more expensive) is growing. Despite such diversity, in both cases the agricultural manufacturers choose to adopt a rising standard of environmental protection, so that the food produced complies with modern norms, and its production benefits the consumers and the ecosystem.