Farmers go forward with EU help

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Profound changes have taken place in the Polish countryside over the past decade, largely owing to the country having joined the European Union. Our membership in the Community resulted in modernization of equipment used by particular farmers as well as in a marked growth of effectiveness of production. The innovations which have been implemented with the help of EU subsidies and grants have made it possible for Polish farmers to gain more and more profits.

Support for the young

Thanks to activities within Rural Development Program 2007-2013 (PROW 2007-2013), the new generation of farmers entering the market is headed for a better start. During the last campaign of the Program, conducted in 2011, 8600 applications were submitted and their joint value reached 645 million PLN. Grants for young farmers who are students or benefit from professional training serve as assistance in independent management of farms, their modernization and development.

Innovation in the Polish countryside

Polish farmers are becoming more efficient at gaining subsidies aimed at subsidizing particular cultivated crops and modernization of farms. With new machinery purchased and put to use, farming buildings renovated and equipped with new installations, farms are becoming more and more profitable. Polish farmers are increasingly competitive on the common EU market. A look at the recently published statistics suffices to prove how much the farmers are interested in EU assistance. If we take into consideration only the applications concerning the modernization of farms, 17,000 applications were submitted in June 2013, and their total worth is 2.8 billion PLN!