Farmers can do something about climate change

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In a speech given at Michigan State University, the United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack called for the farmers to contribute to preventing climate change. He also announced a new climate strategy for agriculture.

Plenty of solutions and changes put forward are optional for the American farmers. The agricultural entrepreneurs who are willing to get involved in the project and adjust their agricultural production model to the federal guidelines will be offered special financing tools, such as loans and mortgages provided on special terms.

Impact on climate change

Actions in Vilsack’s Plan include rational use of fertilizers and limiting the emissions of harmful substances to the soil; planting trees in areas devastated by fires, droughts and diseases; incentives for planting trees in urban areas; using wood as construction material as well as the sustainable use of fossil fuels for energy production in households.

What the plan could bring

Provided that all the actions in the plan are taken, the authors of the strategy count on liming the emissions in the USA by 120 million tonnes annually. To illustrate this figure, removing nearly 25 million vehicles from the American roads could bring similar benefits.

The plan proposed by the federal government aims at encouraging farmers to take up activities which are going to improve production efficiency and help curb the negative impact of agriculture on climate change.