“Farmer of the Year” Competition

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This is the third edition of the popular competition organized by “Dziennik Wschodni” daily and supported by Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. The winner shall be picked out of the shortlisted candidates in a voting by text messages sent by the readers of the newspaper.

Who is the “Farmer of the Year?”

The competition is open to anybody who manages an agricultural enterprise. The candidates may be proposed by local authorities (on gmina and powiat level), dairy cooperatives, meat factories and agricultural associations.

A candidate for the Farmer of the Year should serve as a paragon for others with regard to taking care of the highest standards of agricultural production and meat production. Other criteria include making good use of EU funds, introducing innovation and willingness to share experience and know-how with other farmers.

A he or a she?

The stereotypical image is that of a male farmer. However, the Farmer of the Year competition is becoming more and more popular with female participates. Patrycja Łukaszewska shared her opinion in an interview for “Dziennik Wschodni”. In her view, participating in the event proved a good experience, while her main motivation for taking part was showing that not all farmers are male.

However correct Ms Łukaszewska was in this statement, men do make up the majority of agricultural manufacturers. If we take a look at the use of EU finding in Lubelskie voivodeship, out of the 4000 farmers who received grants only 300 were female.

Supporting the region

The competition serves as a tool for promoting the region and provides an opportunity to present good agricultural practice. It also provides an incentive to adopt innovative solutions, which are important for the agricultural sector as well as for the economy as a whole.