Falcons on “PUŁAWY” chimney

| Enviromental Protection |

A few weeks ago we witnessed an unusual ornithological event on the company premises. For the first time in Lubelskie voivodeship’s documented history, a Peregrine Falcon clutched. It happened on one of the factory chimneys.

Unprecedented event

The birds have lived on a chimney belonging to Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” since 2005, when representatives of “Falcon” Wildlife Association fixed the first booth with a nest, in cooperation with our staff. Eight years since that event, we may take pride in the first official falcon clutch in our voivodeship.

Ornithologists are confident that Puławy offers perfect habitat for Peregrine Falcon. Two factors are crucial here: proximity of forests such as Puszcza Kozienicka and neighboring wild Vistula riverbanks.

Specialists have observed migrations of falcons in our town for years. However, no birds have settled on the chimney till now.

Taking care of the environment

It took over 10 days to confirm that young falcons had clutched. Initially, birdwatchers spotted an adult falcon carrying its prey to the nest a few times. This raised the interest of ornithologists, who soon after saw young falcons peeking out of the booth.

It is worth noting that the event is of great importance for the development of falcon population in our country. Currently there are as few as 20 falcon nests in Poland. Due to the use of toxic pesticides, a large proportion of falcon population was killed in Central Eastern Europe 50 years ago. At the moment efforts are made to restore the species’ population in Poland. “PUŁAWY” joined the program by consenting to have a booth with a nest placed on one of the chimneys.