Expressway to progress

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On 21st of December, local road construction workers prepared a special Christmas present for drivers from Lublin area. A new road was opened, connecting Aleja Witosa in Lublin and the town of Świdnik, where an international airport is located. The newly opened stretch of the road is a part of expressway S17 from Kurów to Piaski, but it is also an important step in the development of infrastructure in Lublin area.

The importance of roads

Owing to progress of works on local road infrastructure, “PUŁAWY” are finally coming closer to a day when good and easy road access to the rest of the country becomes available. The construction of expressway S17 (E372) is an opportunity to form the road backbone of the voivodeship. The road will cross the whole region from Ryki through Lublin and Zamość, finally reaching Hrebenne, and at the same time link the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing with Warsaw. It will also solve the traffic problems the whole Lublin region.

Waiting for next sections

vistula/fot. photopin.comAnother expressway of crucial importance for “PUŁAWY” is S12, which is supposed to connect Puławy directly with Radom and road S7 (E77) from Gdańsk to Chyżne, where we may cross the Polish-Slovakian border. Work on Puławy bypass road together with a bridge over Vistula River (a 12,7 kilometer long section) took place in 2006-2008 and cost 303 million PLN. Currently we are awaiting the beginning of the construction of the part from “PUŁAWY” plant to a link “Sielce” in the vicinity of Kurów. The new section will constitute a link with road S17. Thanks to this, people from Puławy will be able to drive to “Lublin” Airport in Świdnik and get to Warsaw faster.