Experts speak about fertilizers

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“PUŁAWY” launched the Competences Center project in 2011. Representatives of research institutions, NGO’s and universities were invited to participate. Among key activities of the consortium are scientific conferences on agriculture, fertilizers and cultivation technology. The second edition of the conference took place on the 22 of November in Puławy and was attended by over 200 participants.

More than fertilizers

The economic and financial situation on global markets is more and more challenging for fertilizers manufacturers and for the agricultural sector as a whole. In response to this challenge, “PUŁAWY” and partners from the Competences Center are aiming to join the forces of scientists, fertilizers manufacturers, agricultural manufacturers and advisory bodies. Within the framework of the Center, an innovative educational platform was created, a platform directly targeted at agricultural consultants and indirectly serving the farmers. The platform will provide a wide range of information on agriculture, going beyond the sole activity of providing fertilizers to farms.

Experts speak about fertilizers/fot. public-domain-image.comWe work as a team

The Competences Center launched on “PUŁAWY” initiative has existed for a year. The participants of the organization are: Fertilizers Research Institute in Puławy, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – IUNG Puławy, Puławy Higher School, The National Chemical-Agricultural Station in Warsaw, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and The National Association of Canola Manufacturers. We have been the first to create an educational platform for farmers. We are hoping that it will make modern solutions more accessible for farmers. Signing of an agreement between the participants of the consortium and the creation of the Competences Center is another step resulting from our strategy.

Exchanging knowledge is the basis

Among the talks given at the conference was one by Professor Stefan Pietrzak (Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty) who discussed the issue of management of fertilizers at a farm. He stressed the fact that a comprehensive view of the circulation of chemical substances in agricultural production produces better results than selective activities.

Professor Janusz Igras (Fertilizers Research Institute in Puławy) presented a comparative analysis of the efficiency of nitrogen use in Polish agriculture, also as compared to similar practice in other European countries.

Professor Tadeusz Filipek (Life Sciences University in Lublin) explained the issue of nitrogen loss from the fertilizer manufacturing process, through the distribution of the product to the moment the substance is used on the farm.

Another essential topic is the necessity to leverage fertilizers use so as to achieve maximum yield. This was the subject of the talk by Professor Jan Łabętowicz (Warsaw University of Life Sciences).

Experts speak about fertilizers/fot. public-domain-image.comLeaders of change

We hope that such activities will bring visible improvements in the quality of Polish agricultural practice, and at the same time boost the competitive edge of the industry as well as produce constant improvements in fertilizers sector. Thanks to exchange of experiences from various areas, the Competences Center may become the leader of such changes. Hopefully, the organization will include further members and institutional partners among people and research institutes dealing with the issues of fertilizing and the efficiency of crops in Poland.