Expanding our UAN sales network

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In response to the increasing interest of customers, our Company has acquired 380 tanks for urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), with a capacity of 25 and 50 m3. It’s a part of the plan of sales development of this fertilizer, implemented in Pulawy. The total net value of the investment exceeds PLN 21.5 million.

Growing interest

Interest in UAN in Poland is growing faster and faster. This product is obtained by mixing ammonium-nitrate solution with urea in a 1:1 molar ratio. This fertilizer is characterized by fast (faster than granular forms) and long-term effects, also due to its content including three forms of nitrogen: ammonium, nitrate and amide. Depending on the total nitrogen content, we distinguish three types of fertilizer: 28, 30 and 32 percent nitrogen.

Until recently interest of Polish agricultural producers in UAN was not significant. Its consumption is increasing gradually despite unfavorable economic conditions for agriculture. Good efficiency of this type of fertilizer caused a change in farmers attitudes. The results are so good that even a need to purchase new machinery and equipment have not discouraged them.

More efficient and cheaper

In comparison to granular forms of nitrogen fertilizers, UAN production consumes less energy, which means that the price per unit of the useful component contained in this fertilizer can be reduced. Thus time and money saved this way may be used by farmers for other purposes.

In addition, growing interest in fertilizing plants with this type of solution is the result of the progress of agricultural technology in our country. It is all about efficient use of liquid agrochemicals. Nowadays farmers have incomparably better opportunities to access accordingly adapted technical equipment, which is necessary in the technology actvities related to transportation, storage, handling and use of UAN in agriculture.

Universal fertilizer

Urea-ammonium nitrate solution is a universal substantion that can be used on all types of soil for fertilization of pre-poll and cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, potatoes, corn, pasture and vegetable and fruit cultivation. Its quick and effective influence, especially under conditions of a water shortages in the soil, is also wortk noticing.