Europe and the rest of the world love Polish food

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20 billion EUR – this was Poland’s revenue from the sales of agricultural and alimentary products in 2013. We are entering the group of the main EU food providers, and it is far more than the apples that our producers offer to the European customers.

Fruit in bloom

Polish exporters may pride themselves not only on the impressive exports of apples. European countries are interested in other fruits and vegetables from Poland as well. For example, in the first half of 2013/2014 season, Polish tomato manufacturers enjoyed the highest rise in exports. Soft fruits are another profitable business. Few people know that Polish raspberry harvest constitutes as much as 20% of the total production in the world. Reaching 90,000 tonnes in 2013, Polish redcurrants make for half of the global production.

Polish blueberries

Interestingly, the highbush blueberry has been dubbed “the American blueberry” in Poland. It would be more appropriate to call it the Polish blueberry, though, as our country is famous for the production of this fruit. We are one of the chief suppliers of the product. The Polish consumers are not that enthusiastic about this fruit, though, so 80% of the yield is exported. This results from modest domestic demand.

Seeing how the situation in the East develops, more and more Polish producers are seeking new markets. Portugal appears to be one option. Internationally, we are also selling more to Norway and even Japan.

Mazovia in the lead

Mazowieckie voivodeship is the leading exporter of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. As much as a half of the vegetables sold abroad and 70% of exported fruit comes from the region.

Berries are a specialty of Lubelskie voivodeship, which produces 75% of Polish raspberries. Other regions high in the ranking of fruit and vegetable producers are Wielkopolskie voivodeship and Sandomierz Region.