Environmentally conscious Polish consumers

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Research concerning environmentally-friendly awareness and habits commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment has shown that the Poles are taking increasing care of the environment and its protection. Numerous initiatives and pro-environmental programs are being implemented at present, both on the local and national level.

Positive trend

The Poles are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues – such are the conclusions from the research by the Ministry. What has changed is the personal habits of individuals: sorting rubbish, economizing water and electricity, choosing reusable shopping bags. It might be a result of educational campaigns and PSA’s. Alternatively, our society might finally have become mature enough to take care of the planet and our neighborhoods. This way or another, the attitude of the Poles to environmental issues has changed dramatically in the past few years.

Individual efforts

Nearly 73% of the polled population use reusable shopping bags. Over a half choose environmentally-friendly packaging and locally-produced goods. We are therefore beginning to appreciate local manufacturers, and associate local products with high quality and care of the environment. What is more, 73% of the poll participants claim to take care to save water. Polish people also economize electricity and heat. We turn off the light before leaving the room, we use energy-saving light sources, we insulate windows, and buy energy-saving household appliances.

The mundane kind of motivation

The new habits have resulted from a greater awareness of environmental issues, but there is another reason for the change. When money is tight, we are frequently motivated to economize water and electricity. Quite a few Polish people refrain from choosing the environmentally-friendly solution when it is the more expensive option. For example, many consider power-saving household goods too expensive.

I am happy about the change of the Polish outlook and the increased consciousness of environmental protection. It is good to see that environmentally-friendly activities have become the norm rather than the exception.