Energy supply in the chemical industry

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The continuity of energy supply safety is one of the key factors influencing the competitive position of the chemical companies on the market. The sector is known for the consumption of resources on an impressive scale, and the pricing of energy sources is a crucial determinant of the profitability of the business.
Satisfying the demand for energy is going to prove challenging due to the lack of new production capacity in the Polish energy sector, as well as the need to renovate and modernize the existing facilities. The requirement to increase energy supply security has become even more burning because of the unstable political situation in the world. The chemical sector is one of the industries which depend heavily on continuous supply of energy.

Electricity from own combined cycle plants

Grupa Azoty covers half of its demand for electricity using own combined cycle plants. The list of 10 leading plants in Poland comprises the ones next to the chemical works in Włocławek (Anwil), Puławy, Police and Tarnów. The plant in Kędzierzyn is in the second ten of facilities.

More efficient use of energy

From 2004 to 2012 the chemical sector improved its energy efficiency twofold. Increasing the production by 100% was possible without raising the volume of electricity consumption. However, the chemical sectors remains one of the three industries which use the most energy – alongside the metallurgy sector and the pulp and paper sector.