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The Minister of the Environment Maciej Grabowski came to Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych “Fosfory” on August 31st. The visit aimed at presenting an update about the closure and reclamation of phosphogypsum heap in Wiślinka. Minister Grabowski expressed his approval for the way GZNF “Fosfory” took care of the environment, both the area surrounding the Works and the vicinity of Wiślinka heap.

Reclamation of the heap

The alleged negative impact of Wiślinka heap on the natural environment has been publicized by the media in the past few years.

However, an Environmental Check of the phosphogypsum deposit has recently been conducted following a decision by the Marshal of Pomorskie voivodeship, and the audit confirmed that the closure and the reclamation of the heap had been done in a correct and efficient manner. The heap had the required shape, it had been stabilized and reclaimed, it also fulfilled the environmental norms applicable. The heap is also surrounded by a system of safety measures, which includes natural greenery and a water retention tank. Special ditches seal the facility from the surrounding area and a plantation of 20 hectares of energetic willow grows alongside the heap.

By request of Pomorskie Voivode, the Regional Veterinary Inspectorate in Gdańsk carried out tests on animals and plants in the vicinity of the heap. The results of the checks confirmed that the safety measures taken and heap reclamation had been done well, as the residue of heavy metals and phosphorous in fish and animal tissue as well as wheat and canola seeds did not exceed the norm. The results of the research are similar to the tissue of animals and plants living in areas placed at a considerable distance from the heap.

At present Our Works use phosphates from Wiślinka heap with great success. Phosphates flushed from the place form an excellent resource which is transported to the factory in Gdańsk, where it is used for the production of mineral fertilizers.

As a result, the water quality in the vicinity of Wiślinka heap has certainly improved.