Dry ice from PUŁAWY

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Coolant™ is a new product in “PUŁAWY” commercial portfolio. As an effective cooling agent, it can be applied in various industries and used for other purposes.

The secret of the product’s quality is the fact that – unlike normal ice -Coolant™ does not melt. From solid, it turns into gas rather than liquid, and that only when the temperature reaches 78.5 degrees Celsius. Such properties stem from the fact that Coolant™ is made up of carbon dioxide, which makes it 3.3 times more effective than regular ice made of frozen water.

Dry ice produced by “PUŁAWY” might be used for transportation and storage of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or medical supplies which require low temperatures. Also, it might be useful in thermal processing of metals and rubber, cleaning of delicate, not easily accessible surfaces and as an auxiliary agent in chemical reactions. Coolant™ might also serve for producing special effects for the film industry, etc.

Coolant™ was invented by Gases Department of “PUŁAWY” Company and is sold by Technical Gases Sales Section. Our manufacturing capacity of this substance is 300 kilograms per hour.