Drones assist the farmers

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, better known as drones, find many uses apart from the most obvious one, in the military. The potential of those machines is becoming more and more frequently exploited by American farmers.

A new kind of drone application

Delivery companies and film producers have employed drones in their daily work, and now farmers who follow their example. Despite associations resulting from the manner in which UAV’s are used by the army, farmers are far from using those machines to spy on their neighbors.

Variety of uses

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras may map the condition of livestock. This allows farmers to detect danger and take effective steps to counteract hazardous factors. Thanks to data gathered by drones and farm equipment with GPS connectivity, it is possible to calculate the most suitable amount of fertilizers before their application and irrigate fields adequately, which helps increase yield.

Drones conquer the USA

In the USA, the usage of drones is subject to strict legal regulations. Despite this obstacle, farmers have been using UAV’s more and more frequently. Drones are also far from cheap, but the purchase proves profitable in the long run, especially on farms with vast acreage, where such machines prove indispensable. In the next few years, the drone producers expect sales to grow by 100% at the very least.